Thanks for your interest in our latest 90-day Challenge. Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you. If you have any other questions feel free to ask us on FB messenger.

  • WHAT STYLE OF TRAINING IS IT ? we use periodised strength sessions, where we change the programming monthly for optimal stimulus. It’s mainly performed in small groups 4-8 people with 2 coaches. This is better because you can train more frequently for better results without having to pay one on one pt prices.

  • WHAT ABOUT THE BOXING ? the boxing sessions are very technique focussed and ideal for beginners, both our coaches have experience either fighting themselves or prepping pro fighters. (the boxing is not compulsory just a bonus) 

  • WHAT ABOUT THE NUTRITION ? our nutrition is completely individual we sit down with you and we write a plan that is most optimal for you and your lifestyle no cookie cutter print outs or fad diets.

  • HOW DO I GET STARTED ? just send us a message on facebook or give the head coach Elliott a call (0410077250) and book a consult

  • WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE CONSULT ? its to get to know you better and to let you get a feel for the gym to make sure your comfortable and the location is going to work for you before you make a decision.

  • WHAT ARE THE COSTS ? $59/week for 3 strength sessions and you can join any of the 630pm boxing classes at no extra cost. We also have more advanced options that can be discussed in the consult.

NEED SOME HELP GETTING STARTED ? :  If you want to learn a few tips to help make the most of your health and fitness journey, click the link below and download the free ebook we made to help you get the most out of your results.




TTC - 15/43 Butterfeild St Herston 4006